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Guest book

Have you read the book? Send us a note with your thoughts.

"I have had the pleasure of watching this book evolve and take shape since I met Jim in 2008. The book truly lives up to its name, everything described in the book has been used in practice. Its thorough, well thought out and doesn't shirk on detail. It deserves a place on every developers bookshelf."
Glen Ford, June 2010

"Reviewing the book has been very rewarding. 'REST in Practice' is packed with practical advice and valuable insights. "
Herbjörn Wilhelmsen, June 2010

"I'm really thrilled that you include a semantics chapter - RDF and REST are a great combination and this is the year it will all come together!"
Barry Norton, June 2010

"What a journey it has been. I learned a lot and really enjoyed working with Jim and Ian."
Savas Parastatidis, May 2010